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Three Network Free Agent

Posted on: November 17, 2009

For anyone on the Three Network or thinking to join, earn money by getting friends to request a free Three network Sim. This is absolutely free and could make a quick £50! You can make money by advertising this from your facebook, if just a few of your friends join you could make a neat sum.

Three Free Agent Ad

Three Free Agent Ad, make money easy!

Make as much £ as you like
You get £5 every time a friend orders a SIM from you and tops it up by £10 – and your friend gets an extra £2 credit.
You don’t have to be a 3 customer to sign up. It’s completely free. And there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make.
The more friends who order a free SIM from you, the more you’ll earn.
Every time your friends top-up their SIM they get all this free stuff:
– Free calls to anyone on 3
– Free texts and internet (the free stuff lasts for 90 days – much longer than any other network)
Plus, they get free SkypeTM-to-Skype calls and Windows LiveTM Messenger chats from the UK on compatible mobiles (without even needing to top-up).
Get started
Just sign up using the registration form at the top of this page. Then you can start promoting our new free SIMs online using our email and Facebook® tools. For every person that orders a SIM from you and tops it up by £10 or more, you get £5. The money gets paid into your PayPal account, so you can use it to buy stuff online or transfer the money to your bank account.


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